1. Defining Your Exterior Lighting Zones

    When it comes to outdoor lighting, you may think that its main purpose is to illuminate the exterior of your home and make it safe and easy for people to approach your property. While that is an important function of your outside lights, you don’t have to limit your lighting to simple functionality. You do want people to be able to see your home from the street and to be able to walk safely up y…Read More

  2. What Are Your Outdoor Design Plans?

    Every backyard has the potential to be turned into a comfortable utopia where you can spend hours sitting with friends or playing games with your kids. As a homeowner, you have your own ideas of what your yard can be, and you want it to be designed exactly how you see it in your mind. If you’re remodeling the exterior of your home to make more space for lawn games, or you’re finally adding tha…Read More

  3. New Trends in Landscape Lighting

    The lighting industry is always coming up with new and exciting things every year, and at Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we’re always excited to see what debuts each time. When it comes to outdoor and landscape lighting, there are always new ways to integrate illumination into your exterior architecture, and our team is always staying up-to-date on fixtures, installation techniques, and more. If…Read More

  4. Outdoor Lighting for Your New Pathway and Pool Area

    You’ve always dreamed of owning a home with a pool, and now that you’ve built one or purchased a home with an in-ground pool, all you can think of are the summer days and nights you’ll spend outside. Weather in the Dallas/Fort Worth area provides ample opportunities for backyard barbecues and pool parties, and if you plan to use your new outdoor area on a regular basis, it’s important to t…Read More

  5. Improve Your Backyard with New Outdoor Lighting

    Your backyard is an extension of your home, and you want it to be just as comfortable as your living room or family room. You spent hours picking out furniture, decor, and other items for your yard, so why not take as much time choosing the perfect outdoor lighting? The right lighting can make your outdoor seating area warm and inviting, and you’ll love hanging out with your family or entertaini…Read More