Game Room

Proper lighting in a home theater or game room area requires a mix of ambient and accent lighting to enhance your viewing, prevent eyestrain, and make the room practical to move around in after the movie or for other activities.

For general lighting, recessed light fixtures operating via a dimmer will provide soft ambient lighting that lets you see your snacks without distracting from the movie. Another option is to install wall sconces or track lighting to provide a glow along the home theater room’s walls.

If you have a pool table in your game room, adding a central hanging fixture, such as a vintage pendant light, will provide the illumination you need to play. If you have memorabilia or decor on the wall, track lighting is ideal for highlighting and accentuating your collection.

Whether you need pool table lighting, or you’re setting up a home theater/game room in that spare bedroom, visit Passion Lighting in Grapevine today for the finest selection.

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