1. Find Bedroom Lights You Love

    As a homeowner, your bedroom lighting has always been important to you, and if you have lights that you want to replace, then let Passion help you find new styles that fit your space. You might be spending more time at home at the moment, so it’s important to have bedroom lights that you love! Bedside Lamps Some of the most important light fixtures in your bedroom are the bedside lamps. These li…Read More

  2. New Kitchen Lights for Summer

    With summer fast approaching, now can be the perfect time to assess your kitchen lighting and see where upgrades could be made. You might be planning to spend more time in the kitchen this summer, making delicious meals during the week or preparing food for weekend cookouts. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to have the proper kitchen lights so that you can see as you cook, clean, and ent…Read More

  3. Update Your Bathroom Lighting This Spring

    With spring just around the corner, you might be getting ready for your annual spring cleaning. The bathroom is likely to be a focal point as you clean, and while you’re clearing out cabinets, dusting the vanity, and rearranging the towels, you might notice that your bathroom lights are looking a bit outdated. There might be a bulb or two in the vanity fixture that hasn’t worked for months, an…Read More

  4. Improve Your Outdoor Lights with Kichler Long Shroud Fixtures

    When it comes to outdoor lighting trends, Passion Lighting in Grapevine takes great pride in offering the latest styles and options. One of our most popular options we have in stock at all times is the Kicher long shroud light. This fixture is designed to be mounted in a number of places, and the shroud protects the light source, no matter where the light happens to be. Watch the video below and t…Read More

  5. Adding Hinkley Wall Lights to Your Outdoor Lighting Design

    At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we love helping people keep up with the latest in outdoor lighting trends. If you’re redesigning your landscape lighting or adding new elements, then we’re here to provide you with the perfect fixtures. In this post, we’re going to take a look at hardscape accent low voltage LED wall lights from Hinkley Lighting. If you have questions after reading this blog…Read More

  6. Finding the Right Bullet and Landscape Lighting Accessories

    At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we’re dedicated to helping every customer find the lights they need for whatever project they’re working on at the moment. Whether you’re building a new home, updating your business, or redesigning the home you live in, our showroom is filled with amazing lighting options that can fit any budget and match any tastes. When it comes to landscape lighting, part…Read More

  7. Find New Fans for Summer

    Summer is only a few weeks away, and at Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we know how warm it can get in north Texas during the summer months. When it comes to your home, some of the most important fixtures, especially during the summer, are your ceilings fans. We’ve written about updating your fans before, but it’s always a good idea to think about your fans before the truly warm temperatures se…Read More

  8. Three Garage Lighting Tips

    At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we’re here to provide amazing fixtures for all of your outdoor lighting needs. When it comes to exterior illumination, it’s important to have the right design so that your property is not only safe and secure, but that it’s appealing as well. When it comes to garage lighting, there are some things to keep in mind, such as where the fixtures will be located a…Read More

  9. Lighting Your Covered Porch or Sunroom

    As spring begins, homeowners in Texas will begin enjoying the outdoors and spending more time in their yard and on the porch. However, as the year grows older, the temperatures in Dallas and Fort Worth will get warmer, and being outside may not be the most enjoyable option. This is where having a covered porch or sunroom can come in handy. At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we have amazing lighting…Read More

  10. Finding the Right Landscape Lighting and Design

    When it comes to landscape lighting and design, everyone has their preferences and their opinions. However, the one thing that not everyone has is the expertise to plan the right lighting and design for any type of yard or property. At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we can help you find the perfect landscape lights, and on top of that, we can design the layout so that your yard is the talk of the …Read More