Passion Lighting has decided to close the store to our customers for the remainder of the week.  We will be on site and can assist over the phone or by appointment. If you want an appointment for this week, you will need to confirm you have not traveled in the past 14 days and have not been around anyone who has traveled the last 14 days.  We strongly encourage you to delay any appointment till the situation improves.


If you have already ordered something and need to pick-up, you can still do that.  Just call us (817-310-3261). We can also deliver your product and leave it at your front door in some cases.  All of our product is on our website and we can reserve product for you, if desired. We are also extending a coupon worth an additional 10% off any purchases made after we re-open.  To obtain the coupon, please call and ask one of the sales associates about it and they can email you the coupon.


During these very difficult and unprecedented times we are taking all reasonable actions for the safety of our customers, employees, and their respective families.  We will reassess the situation and decide about next week towards the end of this current week. Employees who remain on site are making extra efforts to clean the store multiple times.


Our hopes and prayers go out to all of our friends, customers and their families and our employees and their families.  We want to encourage everyone to adjust to these unprecedented times by thinking safety first. Also each of us can do our part to help those in need, including helping those that are most threatened by this and those that are most vulnerable.




Bruce & Gloria Paul