radio-topLutron RadioRa is Lutron’s partial or whole home solution for lighting controls. This system is versatile, expandable, operates from a multitude of controls including IPhone and IPad. It can be retrofitted into an existing residence, giving it the widest potential of applications.

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The concept of the RadioRa product series is dimmers, switches, lamp controls and more that operate lighting in a traditional dimmer manner. In addition, the RadioRa product series accepts radio signals from a main processor and repeaters, allow instant communication of these devices with the RadioRa software. The standard limitation of this system is 100 devices, though there are scenarios where this can be taken to 200 products.

The key to RadioRa is the wireless component, which allows the system to be integrated into a room or central control without requiring changes in the existing residence wiring and does not cause any need for sheetrock repair or damage to existing control locations. The system has many features including the ability to program lights that will automatically turn on at preset times, to know when daylight savings time changes, to know sunset and sunrise each day of the year, to control Lutron wireless shading systems, to control lamp controls and so much more. All these features allow the user to automate their home lighting and shading to the greatest extent possible.

The only limitation to RadioRa is cost which can grow to a significant amount based on the total number of components needed. In addition, RadioRa does require a Lutron certified installer/programmer.

Some simple examples of a RadioRa system would include the following potential features and set-up…


    • Push one button at the bedroom door when going to bed and all the lights throughout the home will turn-off
    • Push 1 button when walking into your kitchen and all light zones go to one preset lighting scenev
    • Any 1 button on the RadioRa system can be programmed to control 1 light zone or up to all the light zones on the system
    • Push 1 button and change the whole home to an evening lighting scene
    • Automatically have your outdoor lighting turn on a dusk each evening
    • Have exterior lighting turn off at 11pm during the week and at midnight on the weekends
    • Push 1 button to turn on or off all table lamps in a room or even throughout the whole house
    • Push 1 button that turns all lights on the system on so lamps/light bulbs can be easily checked for which light bulbs are out
    • Wake up in the middle of the night and push 1 button that turns on select lights throughout the house at a 38% level so that you have a “path” of light to get throughout your space
    • And so many other functions are possible…
    • More information can be gathered at Lutron or contact to get further information.

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