At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we’re dedicated to helping every customer find the lights they need for whatever project they’re working on at the moment. Whether you’re building a new home, updating your business, or redesigning the home you live in, our showroom is filled with amazing lighting options that can fit any budget and match any tastes.

When it comes to landscape lighting, particularly outdoor bullet lights, there are a few things to keep in mind, including how things are wired, how to reduce side glare, and how to utilize spread lenses in your outdoor lighting. The video below details several of these points, and you can keep reading for more information.

Wiring Your Landscape Bullet Lighting

Bullet lights, which are ground-level spotlights, are often used for uplighting on houses and landscaping. Many lighting installers will hardwire and tape the wire connections on the bullet fixtures, which can work in most cases, but can also lead to connection failures at certain fixtures. This often means that if one fixture fails, any fixtures down the line can also fail. At Passion, our lighting experts prefer to use wire connectors from brands such as Hinkley, and with them, you shouldn’t have to worry about fixtures not working. If something does happen, then all you should have to do is replace the wire connector.

Using LED Louvers

Your ground lighting should be bright enough to illuminate whatever it’s pointed at, but there are times when side glare can become a problem, especially when people walk by the fixtures. By using a louver on your LED bulbs, you can reduce approximately 15% of the side glare and make your lighting less intrusive. The louver is often shaped like a honeycomb and you can apply one to each bullet light in your yard. They’re especially effective on lights near your front porch or entryway.

Using Spread Lenses

Spread lenses are also important when it comes to bullet lighting, and at Passion, we use two different kinds of lenses — linear lenses and general lenses. The linear lens spreads the light like a fan, helping you illuminate a wall or a wide area, and the general lens spreads light in all directions. The general lens also softens the light, which can help eliminate glare and light rings in areas where those might be an issue.

Installing New Landscape Lighting

If you’re thinking about installing new landscape lighting, then contact our team in Grapevine today. We can help you select bullet lights, step lights, and everything else you’ll need to complete your new outdoor lighting design. We’ll gladly discuss wire connectors, louvers, and lenses with you, and we can answer any questions you have about layout or installation. Our experts always go above and beyond when it comes to customer service, and we strive to provide products and options that other companies don’t. We’re always working to stay up-to-date on the latest lighting technologies so that we can pass that knowledge and expertise on to you.

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