When it comes to bedroom lighting, many homeowners want fixtures that provide soft, comfortable light. After all, your bedroom is where you go to relax, and you don’t want harsh, bright light while you’re getting ready for bed or waking up in the morning. At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we love helping people find the perfect fixtures for their home, and if you’re looking for new bedroom lighting, you can discover amazing options in our showroom. In this post, we’ll look at three common bedroom lighting questions and what you can do to address and answer them.

1. Is My Bedroom Too Dim?

As we said above, you don’t want your bedroom to be too bright or too saturated with light. However, you also don’t want it to be dim to the point that it’s hard to see, even when all the lights are on. Adding a new table lamp or wall sconce can brighten the space, without overpowering it with too much light. Updating the bulbs in your overhead fixture, or replacing it entirely, can provide more lumens for the space, making it easier to see. Dimmer controls are also a great choice for bedrooms, since they let you control the level of light as you see fit.

2. Is My Lighting Balanced?

Your bedroom might not be too dim, but you may feel like there’s more light on one side of the room than the other. If you have a dresser or vanity table on one side that has a small lamp on it, or you have a floor lamp next to your favorite reading chair, then it could result in an imbalance of light within the room. Matching fixture styles can help bring your lighting back into balance, even if there isn’t the same number of fixtures on both sides of the room. Even adding a small light in one corner can make the entire room feel more balanced.

3. Is There Enough Light in the Closet?

The one part of the bedroom that can often be forgotten about when it comes to lighting is the closet. If the space is small, you might rely on the light from the bedroom to see when you’re picking out clothes, but indirect light can often be a problem when it comes to seeing the colors and patterns of your apparel. Adding a small hanging light (something besides a bare light bulb) can brighten the space and make it more appealing, even if you only spend a few minutes in there each day.

If you have a walk-in closet with plenty of space, then you may want to light it like you would any other room. A decorative fixture, like a chandelier, along with wall sconces and under cabinet lighting, can transform your closet into a beautiful space.

These are just three of the bedroom lighting questions that we hear in our showroom, and if you’re thinking about updating your fixtures, the team at Passion is here to help. Visit our showroom in Grapevine, or fill out the form below to contact a member of our staff.

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