A kid’s bedroom is many things – a place to sleep, a place to play, and a place to grow. The decor and lighting in the room will most likely change as your child gets older, and being able to easily switch things out can keep you from still having a basketball-shaped ceiling fixture when your son is 17 years old. At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, our showroom has plenty of bedroom lighting options and we can help you find the ideal fixtures, no matter how old your child may be.

Young Children

When your son or daughter is a baby, he or she isn’t giving much thought to the light in their room or nursery. As they get old enough to walk, you’ll want to be sure that cords and fixtures are out of reach to ensure their safety, and that’s where wall and hanging lights can be a great choice. When they begin reading, you may want to have a dedicated corner with a wall lamp so you can sit with them and read their favorite book again and again

Color is also an important part of lighting a kid’s bedroom. Multi-colored lights can help make the space more playful, and you can work on helping your child identify specific colors as the bulbs change. You may have a certain color that’s prominent in the decor and bedding found in the room, and choosing a flush-mount fixture or lamp shade that features that color can be a great way to tie the room together.

Lighting for Teenagers

If you’ve just moved into a new house and your teenage son or daughter wants to have a hand in decorating and lighting their room, we’re here to help. They may want a unique or funky fixture for the middle of the room, or perhaps even a small chandelier. Teenagers have more access than ever to pop culture and design influences, and they may have a specific idea for the mood and ambiance they want their bedroom to have. We have a great selection of ceiling lights, lamps, and other lighting accessories that they can use to illuminate and create the perfect space for video games, reading, and more.

Swapping Out Fixtures

As we mentioned before, you’ll most likely want to switch out the fixtures in your child’s room as they grow, especially if they’ve been in the same room since they were small. Gone is the fairytale wallpaper and border, and as you update the paint and decor, you’ll want to update the lighting as well. Your son or daughter may want to help, or you may be deciding on your own, but whatever the case may be, Passion has the lighting options to make a room feel modern and comfortable. Perhaps you’re getting ready to sell your home, and adding contemporary fixtures can help your kid’s bedroom feel up to date.

When you’re shopping for new bedroom lighting, whether it’s for the master, the guest, or the kids’ rooms, come to our showroom today. We have a fantastic selection!

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