If you’re someone who enjoys having company come to stay, then you want to be sure they’re comfortable during their visit. You might have a pull-out couch or a spare bedroom where company can sleep, but what you really want is a room that’s comfy and inviting, and where they can feel at home while they’re in your home. If you have plans for a new guest bedroom, perhaps after your last son or daughter has gone to college, or you’re adding on to your home to make more room for company, it’s important to think about the lighting and design aspects that you’ll include. At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we can help you find the ideal fixture and decor choices.

dreamstime_14567631Your Lighting Options

Depending on where the new guest room will be – the first floor, the second floor, the basement – and what direction the windows will face, you’ll want to choose the appropriate lighting. A room on the first floor with windows that face south will get ample sunlight during the day, so you may not need as many lamps or fixtures in the room. If the room is on the second floor and the windows face north, you may need a few extra fixtures to compensate for the lack of sunlight. A central hanging pendant can serve as the general, or ambient, light fixture, and bedside lamps are ideal for accent and task lighting.

If the room is rather large, and there’s space for a couch or chair and a television, consider adding recessed lights above the seating area. You’ll also want to consider how to light the area behind the TV (a strategy known as “bias” lighting) so there isn’t any glare on the screen. You can also add a floor lamp behind a chair for optimal reading light, and a wall sconce can be a great addition for accent lighting.

Your Decor Options

dreamstime_xxl_31198644-2You want the guest room to feel inviting, and your ideas may range from a country bed and breakfast to a minimalist urban apartment. You don’t want the room to feel out of place with the rest of your house, and choosing decor that carries colors and themes from other rooms can be an option. You can also opt for designs and colors that stand on their own, and create a new theme within the house. Above all, you want the room to feel complete and have the appeal and functionality it needs.

Bedside tables are a must, as guests will need to place their phones, glasses, and other items on them before they go to sleep. If you have a favorite painting or photograph from which you drew inspiration for the room, place it prominently on the wall and consider illuminating it with track lighting. You’ll also want to make sure there’s room in the closet for the clothes your guests wish to hang up, and a place for them to store their luggage. Adding decorative throws and pillows can also add to the appeal of the room, and you’ll want to find colors that match or complement the colors on the wall.

If you’re in the middle of a home renovation that involves a guest bedroom, or you’re finally turning your child’s old bedroom into a space for guests, take the time to look for the perfect lighting and decor options. You have ideas already in mind, or you may need some guidance on where to start. At Passion Lighting, our experts can help you narrow down your choices and make the final decision on ceiling fixtures, fans, lamps, and more. Visit our showroom or call us today to learn more!