As a Texas resident, chances are you have a ceiling fan or two in your home. The Dallas heat can become a bit unbearable during the summer months, and having a fan that can circulate air can make the interior of your home much more comfortable. A ceiling fan can also work in tandem with your air conditioning to keep your home cool, and making sure your fans are working properly can make a huge difference in your summer energy bills. However, if your fan blades are broken, loose, or simply unsightly, switching them out for new styles can make your home more comfortable and inviting. At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we can help you find the ideal fans, blades, and more.

newfanblades_blog_innerimage1New Blades for Safety

If you’ve ever turned on your ceiling fan, only to hear a terrible squeaking noise, chances are the blades aren’t working properly. They might be loose or warped, and without proper placement and position, they can’t do as good of a job of circulating airflow (not to mention the noise is enough to drive you crazy after 10 minutes). You can attempt to tighten the blades or replace the attachments on the motor housing, but unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you could be compromising the blades even more. This can lead to unsafe operation and a potential fan malfunction. Replacing worn blades could be the best option for your ceiling fan.

newfanblades_blog_innerimage2New Blades for Style

Perhaps you moved into your home many years ago, and have never gotten around to changing out the fan blades. The fan motor might be fine, but the blade style is something straight out of the 80’s. By updating your fan blades, you can completely change the look and feel of your living room or dining room, and these new blades can also improve the fan’s efficiency. The previous homeowner may have installed blades that were too large or too small, and if you’re updating to a proper blade size, it makes sense to pick a style that fits your personal tastes.

newfanblades_blog_innerimage3Indoor and Outdoor Blades

When choosing new blades, it’s important to consider where your fans are located. Indoor fans have different ratings than outdoor fans that are exposed to the elements, and choosing blades that can withstand wind and weather will ensure their longevity. Our showroom has a fantastic selection of styles, and you can look through our online catalog to get a better sense of what we have to offer. We often recommend coming to our showroom to see firsthand the styles we have in stock, and pricing can often be more affordable in-store than it is online. You’ll also be able to see and touch each blade before deciding on the best option.

If you’re looking for new ceiling fan blades, come to Passion today. Our lighting and home design experts will show you our entire lineup of blades for both indoor and outdoor fans, and help you decide on the ideal products for your home.

We look forward to helping you!