With spring just around the corner, you might be getting ready for your annual spring cleaning. The bathroom is likely to be a focal point as you clean, and while you’re clearing out cabinets, dusting the vanity, and rearranging the towels, you might notice that your bathroom lights are looking a bit outdated. There might be a bulb or two in the vanity fixture that hasn’t worked for months, and the corner where the shower sits might be a bit too dark.

At Passion Lighting in Grapevine, we understand the challenges that old bathroom lighting can present. Outdated lights can make the room feel less inviting or hinder certain tasks such as showering and shaving. As you’re cleaning this spring, take time to consider how you can improve your bathroom illumination!

New Vanity Fixtures

For decades, the traditional choice for vanity lighting has been the three- or four-bulb fixture above the mirror. This light is often on its own switch so you can turn it on or off as needed when you need to use the mirror. While the fixture provides plenty of light for personal hygiene tasks, it can create unflattering lines on your face. After all, lighting from above rarely creates the right look.

This spring, think about how you could replace that old vanity light above the sink. Two wall sconces, one on either side of the mirror, can provide the same amount of light as the traditional vanity fixture, but from two different angles. You’ll have light shining on either side of your face, so as you shave or put on makeup, you shouldn’t have to worry about unwanted shadows or lines hindering your progress. The symmetrical design of the two sconces can also bring a sense of balance to your bathroom!

Adjusting Your Color Temperatures

One issue you may also notice while cleaning your bathroom is that the bulbs you’re using are too “warm” in terms of color temperature. If the light you currently have appears too yellow, consider updating them with brighter, or “cooler,” bulbs. In terms of color temperature, the best bulb options for a bathroom often fall in the 3000 to 4000 range on the Kelvin (K) scale. The light in your bathroom should be bright and cool, almost mimicking daylight. Cool White and Bright White bulbs are a good choice, and our team can help you choose the best options.

You’ll also want to look at the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of your bathroom light bulbs. The CRI indicates how well a bulb can show the full color spectrum, and for bathrooms, you need to be able to see colors in your face, hair, and more. Bulbs with a CRI of 90-100 are a good choice for any bathroom.


Add New Lighting Controls

Perhaps your biggest gripe with your bathroom lighting is that there’s only one switch that controls everything. You flip the switch and the overhead light, the vanity light, and the recessed lights above the tub come on. While this can be fine during the morning, it’s not exactly conducive to those relaxing baths you like to take in the evening. Adding new lighting controls, including dimmers, can make your bathroom lighting much more versatile. You can also add sensors that turn on low-level lighting that helps you see during those night time visits!

Having your ceiling fixture, vanity lights, and more on separate switches will help you control which fixtures are on and how bright they are. Instead of harsh, bright light in the morning or evening as you’re waking up or winding down, you can set the levels where you want them.

Find New Bathroom Lighting Today

As you’re cleaning the bathrooms in your home this spring, take a moment to look at the lighting in each space. If the fixtures look old or they aren’t providing the light you really need for daily use, visit our showroom today. Our expert staff can provide assistance with choosing new lights, and they can answer any questions you have about adding new fixtures to your bathrooms. It’s important to combine ambient, accent, and task lighting, and they can help you find lights that layer perfectly, no matter how big or small the bathroom may be.

We look forward to seeing you this spring!